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We help people change their circumstances,  improve their quality of life, and thrive. We specialize in Advocacy, Case Management, Direct Job Support, and Brokerage.
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Advocacy is the heartbeat of Consulta's business model. You can remove all other principles and advocacy would be considered the heart beat of our infrastructure and design. It is who we are and we are very good at promoting engagement and solution of any social issue. Advocacy is the proverbial olive branch at Consulta, our multicultural staff, is motivated on a daily basis to create change.Consulta's community engagement and advocacy begins with positive conversation.  Our blueprint begins with our personal dedication which in turn encourages stimulation of brand new thoughts, productive energy opportunities, and the funding of programs for all impacted communities. Is there an issue we can help with? Learn more, call us today.



The Consulta Team works cooperatively with all aspects of the community, from individual to big business to address the challenges that members of our local community encounter, from writing referrals to advocating for educational rights there is no challenge that we won't accept.  Our cooperative partnership value involves "trusting the process" and being proponents for properly categorizing the needs and working toward a solution which will advance the customer's outcome. DO you have an issue which you would like to partner with us on? Call us today.



Job Support

​​Direct Job Support  is the newest initiative for Consulta. We are committed to building a database of service providers, who have experienced and/or are willing to  perform waiver based support services.  The direct support industry was a challenged market before the pandemic and now it has come to a crashing halt. Consulta's vision is to create well paying jobs and partnership between community members and the families served in the State's self directed waiver. Call is to learn more.

Certified Support Brokerage 

 The Consulta team has been certified since 2015 with over 150 families served, we are tried and proven. The best representation comes from personal experience. Consulta is a woman-owned organization. Our story started with our owner, Alarice Vidale de Palacios seeking services for her specially-enabled family member and the rest was history. With no advocacy available, Alarice navigated through the state's messy bureaucracy to secure the much needed services for her son. Was it easy? No. However here we are 7 years later with a solid reputation and a client roster that guarantees accessibility for all. Seeking representation for DDA self directed services? Call the Consulta Team today.